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Machine Music: Acoustic & Robotic Instruments

The Theremin Orchestra

Machine Music: Acoustic & Robotic Instruments

Saturday, October 17, 2015 at 2:00 PM
ShapeShifter Lab
18 Whitwell Place
Brooklyn, NY 11215
$15 with SONiCPass; $10 children 12 & under

Elizabeth Pearse, vocals
Kayleigh Butcher, vocals
Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, vocals
Carrie Henneman Shaw, vocals

Doug Balliett, violone
Kivie Cahn-Lipman, viol
Loren Ludwig, viol
Robby Neubauer, electronics designer
Julia Sheriff, keyboard

MOLLY HERRON and Andy Cavatorta (instrument maker): Stellar Atmospheres – vocal quartet, viol consort and The Dervishes   World Premiere
FJÓLA EVANS and Merche Blasco (instrument maker): Whirlpool – three singers and four theremins
RUBY FULTON: Cycle Loops – piano, electronics, bike
ALBERT BEHAR (instrument maker): Sound Orb – tactile speaker system   World Premiere
LEVY LORENZO (instrument maker): Inside Voice – iLophone and four singers

Out of the lab and into a concert. What happens when composers collaborate with inventors and hightech instrument builders? The latest in robotic instruments meets vocalists and acoustic instruments. Music for ancient viols and dervish robots that sound like a “choir of angry angels.” Contemporary singers meet up in new ways with theremins - one of the earliest of electronic instruments. Explore what happens when you combine pianos, electronics and a bicycle. Discover what Sound Orb tactile speakers can do. And check out a new composition for iLophone, the latest pitch-bending new iPhone instrument.

With the precision and flexibility of modern chamber musicians, Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble specializes in experimental repertoire that is changing the paradigm of contemporary vocal music. Described as “a new force of vocal excellence and innovation” by The Brooklyn Rail, Quince continually pushes the boundaries of traditional vocal ensemble literature. As dedicated advocates of new music, Quince regularly commissions new works, providing a wider exposure for the music of living composers, and supports the efforts of concert series and universities who strive to incorporate contemporary repertoire into their programming. Quince has recently been seen on Vicky Chow's Contagious Sounds Series,'s John Cage Festival in Chicago and the Philip Glass: Music with Friends benefit concert at the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn. Comprised of vocalists Elizabeth Pearse, Kayleigh Butcher, Amanda DeBoer Bartlett, and Carrie Henneman Shaw, Quince thrives on unique musical challenges and genrebending contemporary repertoire.

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